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Certain work activities can have a negative effect on employee health. Cornerstone Occupational Health can help you manage these risks.

Health surveillance is a key service designed to pick up early indication of specific work-related health conditions. It can also pick up non work-related conditions which when identified early can reduce future poor health.

We can provide you with guidance on your health surveillance requirements. Call us to discuss your specific requirements.

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Lung Function (Spirometry)

Spirometry test

Lung function tests are required under COSHH regulations when working with substances hazardous to the lungs. The questionnaire and lung function test are designed to detect early symptoms of breathing problems such as asthma or COPD. During the test employees will be given information regarding lifestyle and correct use of breathing protection and other protective measures made by the employer.

In addition, we can offer face fit testing. This reassures the employer that the provided respiratory protection is a good fit for the worker.

Skin Checks

Woman scratching skin on her hands

Skin checks are required under COSHH regulations when working with chemicals, oils, coolants, cement etc. This involves a questionnaire enquiring about symptoms and a visual check of the skin. This helps to detect the first signs of skin problems such as dermatitis.

Employees will be given information on how to take care of their skin at work and home to prevent serious skin problems.

Biological Monitoring

Diagram showing human organs

This can help check your control measures under COSHH regulations.

Urine or blood can be checked for presence of chemicals to ensure that workers are not being exposed to excessive levels.

Hearing Tests

Man receiving hearing test in Bolton

Hearing tests are required under noise at work regulations to check that workers hearing is not being damaged by noise levels at work.

They are recommended when employees are required to use hearing protection. These tests check that control measures are working and can identify workers with existing hearing problems.

Regular hearing tests and comparisons with previous tests will also give an early warning sign of deteriorating hearing so that additional measures can be implemented to prevent further deterioration.

Employees will be given information on how to look after their hearing at work and at home.

I would like to thank you for your quick response and professional service regarding the recent Audio test conducted on our staff.

I will be contacting you in the near future for further occupational health monitoring. Thanks once again.

Alan Hulme, HSE/ Improvements Manager at NextGen 360

Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (White Finger) Checks

Man using power tools on construction site in Bolton

Regular use of power tools can cause long term damage to the hands and arms. Regular checks for workers are required under the Control of Vibration at Work regulations.

Tests include a questionnaire to identify possible symptoms or conditions which can increase a person’s risk of damage from vibration exposure. This is combined with examination of the hands and arms.

Employees will be given information on how to protect themselves when using vibration tools.

Fit for Task / Safety Critical Medicals

Welder at work

We carry out on site assessments to check whether an employee is fit to carry out their job role within your company.

Assessments will be relevant to your employee’s role. They include general health assessments including blood pressure, urine testing, vision checks and checks for any musculoskeletal problems that may be affecting them at work. Lifestyle advice is offered to improve the health and wellbeing of the worker.

We offer drug and alcohol testing to assist you in safeguarding your business and protecting the safety of your staff and clients.

Many thanks for your help ensuring my company is compliant with health and safety regulations whilst working on new build developments.

Happy to recommend you to anyone else needing your services.

Alan Dean Plumbing

Fitness for Work / Management Referrals

Female manager speaking to colleague in Bolton office

These can help a manager to better understand an individual worker’s health condition and provide the tools to:

  • Support them in work
  • Facilitate their return to work
  • Consider alternative employment options

These assessments can be undertaken at your workplace or over the telephone or, where appropriate, in the employee’s home.

You will receive a report with clear information about your worker’s health and sensible clear guidance on his/her fitness for work. The report, where appropriate, will give you timescales for return to work, advise on adjustments to help your employee in the workplace and you will have the opportunity to ask specific questions for any particular concerns you may have.

Where appropriate the employee will be given advice on accessing services to help them manage their condition.

We have recently appointed Cornerstone Occupational Health as our Occupational Health Providers and have been so impressed with their helpfulness, with reports that support the employee and the business, and provide details of additional resources available to both parties.

They have also been helpful in providing advice around risk assessments for pregnant employees working in social care during the pandemic, and am sure will continue to help us more over the coming months as part of the team supporting our employees to deliver the best possible service to our residents.

I would not hesitate to recommend Cornerstone Occupational Health if you are looking for really good occupational health advice and support. They are friendly, flexible, professional and quick to respond.

Joanne Preece, HR Manager at L&M Healthcare

What Happens Next?

Following your health screening a report will be provided for each employee seen, alongside anonymous statistics of findings and a spreadsheet to keep track of required review dates.

Where relevant, recommendations to the employer may be made in the report.

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